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How to Thicken Store-Bought Body Wash? Tremendous Tips Here!

By Avi Green October 01, 2023

In recent years, the demand for eco-conscious personal care products has surged, with many consumers seeking sustainable and effective solutions. One common inquiry is how to thicken store-bought body wash. Not only does a thicker consistency enhance the luxury and feel of the product, but it also ensures that you get more use out of every bottle, reducing waste.

If you've ever wondered about methods to make your body wash more viscous and efficient, you're in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into different techniques and ingredients that can help you achieve that perfect consistency.

Why Thicken Your Body Wash?

Before we delve into the various methods, it's essential to understand why one might want to thicken their body wash:

  • Enhanced consistency: Thicker body wash feels more luxurious and is easier to handle.
  • Reduced waste: A thicker product means fewer spills and more controlled usage.
  • Cost-effective: You may save money by making the product stretch further.
how to thicken store-bought body wash

Natural Thickeners You Can Use

Eco-conscious shoppers are increasingly looking for natural ingredients to adjust the consistency of their personal care products. Here are some popular options:

1. Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a natural polysaccharide commonly used as a thickening agent in food and personal care products. It's derived from fermented sugars and is eco-friendly.

How to use: Dissolve a small amount in water before mixing it into your body wash. Start with a quarter teaspoon and adjust as needed.

2. Guar Gum

Guar gum is another natural thickener extracted from guar beans. It's an excellent choice for those looking to keep their skincare routine natural and sustainable.

How to use: Similar to xanthan gum, dissolve a small amount in water before adding it to your body wash. Adjust the quantity as needed to achieve the desired thickness.

3. Agar-Agar

Agar-agar is a jelly-like substance obtained from algae. It's a natural and vegan-friendly thickener that works well in personal care products.

How to use: Dissolve agar-agar in boiling water to form a gel, then mix it into your body wash.

Common Household Ingredients

If you prefer to use ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen, consider these options:

1. Cornstarch

Cornstarch is a versatile thickening agent found in most kitchens. It's easy to use and effective.

How to use: Mix a small amount with water to form a slurry before adding it to your body wash. Adjust the quantity to reach the desired consistency.

2. Salt

Salt can help thicken certain types of surfactants found in body washes. It's a simple and natural option for those looking to avoid synthetic additives.

How to use: Add salt slowly while stirring your body wash. Be cautious not to overdo it, as too much salt can destabilize the product.

Innovative Thickeners

For those willing to experiment with other thickeners, consider these innovative options:

1. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is known for its hydrating properties, making it an excellent addition to body wash. It also acts as a mild thickener.

How to use: Add a few drops of hyaluronic acid to your body wash and mix well. Adjust the quantity as needed.

2. Carbomer

Carbomer is a synthetic thickener often used in skincare products. While not entirely natural, it's safe and effective in small quantities.

How to use: Dissolve carbomer in water before adding it to your body wash. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

Tips for Eco-Conscious Shoppers

As an eco-conscious shopper, you might be interested in more than just thickening your body wash. Here are a few tips to make your personal care routine more sustainable:

1. Opt for Refillable Containers

Reduce plastic waste by using refillable containers for your body wash. Many brands now offer refill stations and bulk purchasing options.

2. Choose Biodegradable Ingredients

When selecting thickeners and other additives, choose biodegradable and environmentally friendly options.

3. Support Eco-Friendly Brands

Look for brands that prioritize sustainability, eco-friendly packaging, and ethical practices.


Thickening your store-bought body wash is a simple yet effective way to enhance your personal care routine while being eco-conscious. By opting for natural thickeners and sustainable practices, you can enjoy a luxurious and environmentally friendly shower experience.

For more eco-friendly personal care tips, you might want to check out Earth Friendly Tips, a great resource for sustainable living.

Additionally, consider reading about other ways to enhance your personal care routine with articles like Antibacterial Body Wash, and Body Scrub vs. Body Wash and Bottle Flip Tops.


1. Can I use flour to thicken body wash?

While flour can act as a thickener, it's not recommended for body wash as it can form clumps and may not mix well.

2. How much xanthan gum should I use?

Start with a quarter teaspoon and gradually increase, testing the consistency after each addition.

3. Are there any thickeners to avoid?

Avoid synthetic and non-biodegradable thickeners if you're eco-conscious. Always choose natural, eco-friendly options.

4. How can I ensure my body wash remains stable?

Mix thickeners thoroughly and test in small batches to avoid destabilizing the product.

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